Who are we?

Launched in 2019, Retina Rocks was founded as a free, open-source resource to help educate the world’s eye care providers about why the retina rocks! It is unique as the world’s largest online multimedia retina image and bibliography repository (over 26,000 files and 4,300 annotated references by topic). Cases and bibliography citations are constantly being added to our ever-growing collection.

Want to teach aspiring eye doctors and colleagues why the Retina Rocks? Please contact us if you are interested in helping!

Steven Bloom, MD, FACS
Leon Nguyen, OD, FAAO
Keith Slayden, OD
Andrew Steele, OD, FAAO
Kelley Sedlock, OD
Inder Singal, MD, MBA

Onur Birsen
Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Glacial Multimedia

Are the files open source?

Individuals are free to view and download images for their personal use, including for patient education and personal lectures. However, publication of any of the collection’s images is not allowed without our express written permission.

What if I disagree with a diagnosis or find files that won’t open correctly?

We’ve done our best to properly label and classify all images in the collection. However, we are confident that there are many instances where we’re wrong. Please contact us with any questions about diagnoses we’ve given or for any corrupted files that won’t open properly.

Can I contribute images to Retina Rocks?

Absolutely! We are looking for great examples of common entities or cases of rare disorders. Anything that you feel would help others better recognize or understand a disease or clinical findings is welcome.