About Us

Retina Rocks was founded as a free, open-source resource to help educate the world’s eye care providers about why the retina rocks! It currently contains tens of thousands of multimodal images covering the spectrum of vitreoretinal disorders. Also included are annotated bibliographies for most disorders covering thousands of major publications and studies.

Steven Bloom, MD, FACS
Stephanie Choi, MD
Paulo Eduardo-Stanga, MD
Nilesh Kumar, MD
Barruch Kupperman, MD, PhD
Ratko Lazic, MD, PhD
Leon Nguyen, OD, FAAO
Barbara Parolini, MD
Jorge Rocha, MD, PhD
Ashish Sharma, MD, FACS
Inder Singal, MD, MBA
Keith Slayden, OD, FAAO
Andrew Steele, OD, FAAO
Jonathan Tsui, MD

Onur Birsen
Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Glacial Multimedia