Wall of Fame

Is your case great enough to be selected for our Wall of Fame? If so, we’ll post your name and case here for the world to see!

7/23: Justin Grassmeyer, Ambar Faridi, and Brittany Heckerman
Lattice degeneration

6/24: Ogugua Okonkwo, Adekunle Olubola Hassan, Ayodele Harriman, Ogochukwu Sibeudu, and Idris Akintayo Oyekunle
Tuberculous serpiginous-like choroiditis

5/24: Seif Anwar
Inherited Retinal Disease

Sengül Özdek and Ece Özdemir Zeydanlı
Case of the Year winner!
Retinal Arteriovenous Malformation

4/24: Kanwaljeet Harjot Madan
Shaken baby syndrome

3/24: Ayushi Gupta and Vishal Agrawal
Benign familial fleck retina

2/24: Will Gibson
Retinal venous malformation

12/23: Anjana Mirajkar and Manish Nagpal
Central retinal artery occlusion with cilioretinal sparing

11/23: Anjana Mirajkar and Manish Nagpal
Harada’s Disease

10/23: Will Gibson
Posterior scleritis with chorioretinal folds

9/23: Shivraj Tagare and Nishant Maindargi
Valsalva retinopathy drained with YAG laser

8/23: Mohammad Abbas
Laser-induced retinal break and vitreous hemorrhage

7/23: Joe Yuenpang Cheung
Group-type congenital pigmented nevi of the RPE (bear tracks)

6/23: Gil Calvão-Santos and Keissy Sousa
Waardenburg Syndrome

5/23: Natasa Draca and Ratko Lazic
Tattoo-induced Uveitis

4/23: Veronika Matello and Barbara Parolini
Case of the Year winner!
The EmPuzzled Eye

3/23: Emma Oreskovic and Natasha Draca
Optic Nerve Pit

2/23: Anjana Mirajkar
Giant RPE Tear

11/22: Veronika Matello and Barbara Parolini
Choroidal Hemangioma Widefield OCT

8/22: Nivesh Gupta
Ischemic Central Retinal Vein Occlusion

7/22: Omar Mulki:
Choroidal Osteoma

3/22: Erdem Dinç
Is Temporary ILM Flap Sufficient for MH Closure?

1/22: Veronika Matello and Barbara Parolini
Case of the Year winner!
Choroidal Transplant for Subfoveal AMD MNV

12/21: Otis Hertsenberg
Optic Nerve Coloboma with Pit

11/21: David Kilpatrick
Frosted Branch Angiitis from Sarcoidosis

10/21: Kumar Chugani
Coats Disease


Lattice Degeneration

Congratulations to Justin Grassmeyer, Ambar Faridi, and Brittany Heckerman. for submitting the Retina Rocks Case of the Month. This 63YO male with history of idiopathic central serous chorioretinopathy (ICSC) with secondary macular neovascularization OD and lattice degeneration OU presented with new floaters in his right eye. He was scheduled for an anti-VEGF injection for the right eye on a treat-and-extend protocol the same day. Vision was stable at 20/100 OD and 20/20 OS. An acute related retinal tear was found which was immediately demarcated with thermal laser photocoagulation. Optos color RG imaging immediately following the laser procedure shows the retinal break to be well-surrounded with multiple nearly confluent rows of laser burns. The flap of the tear consists of an entire lattice lesion (green arrow) along with a chronic atrophic hole with surrounding pigment (yellow arrow). There is an area of central macular atrophy from the ICSC. Lattice lesions have a pocket of liquefied vitreous overlying thinned retina with a firm area of surrounding vitreoretinal adhesion. White, fibrosed vessels often crisscross the lesions, which lead to the name, lattice. This firm vitreoretinal adhesion, along with the often-present atrophic holes, is what can predispose these eyes to retinal breaks and detachment. Although prophylactic treatment is rarely needed, symptomatic breaks as in our patient need prompt retinopexy.